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Ranssel's Journey

I completed a small case study and interviewed several teachers to see the types of problems they were encoutering in their work. Most of their issues is being able to track student's progress across assignments and recognize skills they need help building. 

What have you learned about, yourself, the project, design? 
I learned that it's not a simple or an easy process to make an app since you have to think of what problem that either you face or other people around face either digitally or physically.

What are some important facts and stages/phases you went through to work on this project? 
In this project I guess the important fact is thinking the bigger picture or thinking openly when even defining the problem because once you get the gist of what the problem is,it makes the other step flow easier.To me i feel like putting yourself into someone position helps creating the question but also understanding it as well.
We will be using this for our websites/presentations later...

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