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MTA Echo Info

Name of App: MTA Echo

Main Function: Signaling 

App Category: Utility 



My App would make it easier for those working in the MTA, especially the conductors,  to signal one another if there is a malfunction within the trains. This would make their lives easier while running the subway.


I interviewed an MTA worker and they’ve explained all the problems and situations that go on in the MTA. I then reviewed them all and came with a plan to eliminate, or better help, those situations that she struggles with while working at the MTA.

I had to use the design process in order to work. My MTA worker is in charge  of communicating that all doors are closed so that the conductor knows it is clear to go, but they have a hard time communicating to each other for the conductor to know. I learned that defining the problem is very important because you need to find out the problem before anything. The reason why I spent so much time on solutions is because this was a very easy problem, but I had trouble trying to figure out how useful it would be and how it can be used as an everyday tool.


The colors I used are green, blue and yellow because It reminded me a lot of the MTA. A difficulty I was experiencing, and expect in the future, is how would my app be able to connect to any other person  without wifi since they work underground. I learned that some apps work without wifi and I learn about how much time and dedication that needs to be put into making an app, especially if the app is something that helps others on a day to day basis.

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